WallStats (wôlstăts) n.1. Complex and elusive information synthesized into palatable and insightful visual pieces. 2 Friggin' awesome posters.

I'm Jess Bachman and I love information. But far too often, chewing on a raw data set can leave a salty and dry taste in your mouth. That is why I use my pseudo- culinary-visualizing skills to form data into sweet and savoury design.

Understanding, clarity and perspective. That is my stock and trade.

Two amazing projects, one rocking blog, and a boat load of great ideas




Death and Taxes

Starting as a lark several years ago, Death and Taxes has grown into a powerhouse of information.

In it's 4th year, this poster now contains over 500 departments, agencies, programs and just about everything else the goverment can spend money on. It is still the single most open and accessable record of government spending ever created.

All in six square feet.

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389 Years Ago

Barack Obama's victory had me thinking about the all the hard fought progress achieved by African Americans in this country. That thinking, combined with impactful typography, led to the creation of one stunning timeline.

Not really for reference, this limited edition silk screen poster is best served as remembrance, homage, or as a simply powerful work of art.

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Information, it's good stuff.

Visualizing stuff is my job. The WallStats blog is where my original visualizations spill over. It is where ideas are germinated and projects planned. No trackbacks or 30 second posts here; it's all 100% prime, grade A WallStats material. Occasionally I will sneak in a discount or giveaway, but keep that on the down low.

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