A little history...

Initially launched as TheBudgetGraph.com, Jess Bachman wanted to create a way to visualize and conceptualize the United States federal budget.

"There was nothing in between the reductionist pie graphs and the thousand page long official budget documents."

So in 2004 Jess created Death and Taxes. The first version can still be seen here. It's popularity did not catch until two years later when it was picked up by boingboing.net and interest exploded.

"I realized that this information was important and people really wanted to know where their taxes went."

Over the next several years Jess released a Death and Taxes for the years, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Each version had increase complexity as well as aesthetic design changes. Each year also brings greater accuracy to the data.

"It took me a few years to understand the complexity, redundancy, and general obfuscation the government uses in the budget process, then I had to make sense of it all to the viewer."

Finally, for the launch of the 2009 version, Jess migrated the operation to a new website, WallStats.com which will include other interesting and useful informational design and posters.

"I needed something to occupy myself in the budgetary off-season"

And so WallStats.com was born, welcome.



I'm Jess. By day I cook up great ideas and saute them into sweet visuals. By night, I pretty much do the same thing although I also try to make room for some Law and Order. My work has been in magazines, art galleries, and on national television. When I am not knee deep in data you can find me playing video games, building snow forts, looking for my car keys, or just hanging out with my wonderful wife, two kids, two cats, two fish, and one dog. I'm 28.



In addition to my WallStats work, I keep busy making all kinds of awesomeness for all kinds of people.

Death and Taxes

My world famous infographic of the federal budget. 5,000+ posters sold.


389 Years Ago

My 2nd poster. A stunning typographic mashup of 400 years of black American history.


A Guide to the Unemployment Rate

The real story on the gov'ments 'official' numbers. Published on mint.com. - 250+ diggs


The Fall of GM

A 'chartoon' stacking up the litany of GM's woes. Published on my blog.


Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis

A handy dandy flow chart of an imploding economy. Published on Mint.com. - 1200+ diggs.


Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis: Bailout

Chronically the ins and outs of the intial bailout plan. Published on Mint.com. - 2300+ Diggs


The Evolution of the Household

A statistical stroll down memory lane. Published on Womans Day.com - 860 diggs


Visualizing Uncle Sam's Debt

Conceptual peice on foreign holders of US debt. Published on Mint.com - 1100+ diggs


Calculating the US's FICO score.

Looking at the US as if it were just like us. Published on creditloan.com


A Year in Beer: Annual Beer Consumption

8 ways to visualize 50 billion bottles of beer. Published on Sloshspot.com - 700+ diggs


Whats hot at the World Economic Forum

Enormous visual of sold out events at Davos. Published on Mint.com - 200+ diggs


Aftermarket Risk Maps

Situational and strategic maps for the Risk clone site ConquerClub.com.


Gig Posters!

I've done concert posters, albums covers, stage banners and other cool stuff for over 100 bands, here is a small sample.



If you want to contact me for any reason, there are many ways to do so. If I am around (see left) then I try to respond quickly.

Email: Jess -[at]- WallStats.com

Twitter: @mibi

AIM: mediummassage

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